Personal Chefs & Catering in Catalonia

Based in Figueres, Spain - Lee is a self-taught chef, passionate about food - whose culinary travels over the years have led to kitchens in France, Edinburgh, Manchester and Girona.
Lee spent 8 years between France & Spain cooking on art holidays where he refined his plates and got to grips with cooking for big groups "on a single gas ring!". Locally sourced produce and local influence is very important to him.

Lee says: “I spent the summer of 1991 in France with friends who owned a vineyard. They were doing B&B in their farmhouse. This was the first time I cooked a supper for a large group of people. The memory of those warm summer nights, the music, the wine and the food at a table under the stars - has led me to the truly magnificent gastronomy of Catalunya... “